July 6, 2010

Sisters Framed

Sisters in Puerto Princesa, 2010

At the end of last month I spent a few days in and around the city of Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan, a long narrow island flanking the west side of the Philippine archipelago.  No doubt in large part because of the strong marketing effort exerted for the Underground River, this province has in very recent years become more of a tourist destination for Pinoys and foreigners alike.

What attracts me to the place, however, besides its natural beauty, is a lively community of people working in organic farming, the healing arts and other new age endeavors.

These pretty sisters living at the B&B we stayed in were very curious about my big camera so they were not shy when I turned it on them. I was standing on the other side of the red metal staircase that took us to our rooms on the second floor.


EG Wow said...

The little girls are adorable.

How interesting that this area is so into New Age endeavors. Perhaps there IS hope for this planet after all. :)

tapirgal said...

Terribly inviting all around. They are cute! Nice photo, posing but not looking posed. I saw a documentary the other day that said the photographer (whose name I forget, as there were many) liked the subject looking him in the eye. Otherwise, it looks phoney. I think that's usually the case. Love those dark eyes under dark hair!

JM said...

Lovely portrait and great framing!