July 10, 2010

Lacy Reflection

Manila, 2010

Long before they became common, in the mid-70s when I was still in university, a friend and I fantasized about opening a bookstore-and-cafe after we graduated. Too bad we went our separate ways and lost the opportunity to be ahead of a trend. To this day I like the idea, being a lover of both books and coffee.

This past week I had a delicious pesto pasta lunch in The Room Upstairs where they've taken that multi-purpose retail space business model a step further: upscale furniture and food. 

My friend Rose posed for me here in this photograph I took for Weekend Reflections. Click on the meme name to find more links to reflections.


JM said...

Now that's a wonderful composition! Great work, Francisca!

mARTy said...

love that composition of light and shadow;-) have a beautiful week-thanks for your visit!

Pat said...

That's a beautiful reflection! I love the light and dark shapes and your friend modeled beautifully!

tapirgal said...

Wonderful reflection, and the hands and arms add so much. Beautiful!

Halcyon said...

This is a great reflection! You're probably better off without a bookstore. I think they're a dying breed. :)

Francisca said...

@Halcyon... you may be right. I know the Kindle and iPads are denting the sales of hard-copy books, but I for one would not want to read a tome like War & Peace on one!

Regina said...

A lovely one! I like this.
I love books and coffee as well.

Have a great week ahead.

" Regina "

James said...

That's a beautiful shot! A real work of art.

I don't have a Scandinavian background but my mother used to read lots of fables and fairy tales to me.
Your blog looks very interesting. I love to travel and when I'm not traveling I like to see photos of interesting places.

Anonymous said...

Very creative. I like the way your friend posed and you captured that pose.

Ebie said...

Hi Francisca, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am Chinay (50/50 Chinese Filipino) born and raised in the Visayas.

You have an artistic touch and your friend Rose, did pose very well. Your photo is lovely.