July 5, 2010

Partial to Mosaic

Birds Mosaic, Makati, Philippines, 2010

This is one of six mosaic plaques adorning the otherwise drab wall that encloses the LRI Design Plaza in Makati (the financial district of Manila). I captured this one today as I was leaving the building full of upscale home decor and antique shops, art galleries and chic restaurants. If you live in Metro Manila, like good design, and haven't been there - or in a while - I can heartily recommend you go explore. (Tony L, this plug is for you :-D )

Public art of any kind appeals to me (save the occasional, what is that?), but I must admit to being quite partial to this ancient decorative art form. The earliest mosaics were made with natural pebbles and then came tesserae - small pieces of ceramic, glass, smalti or mirror. I like them all. Mosaic art must be firmly embedded in my collective unconscious.

So if you share my enchantment, stick around, I'm likely to post more mosaics now and then. Then again, what the heck, even if you don't... just stick around. What do you say?


Elisa said...

Amazing & lovely
Greetings from Argentina

tapirgal said...

This one is a beauty, and I love the colors and subject. You already know I love mosaics. The designers of more drab buildings should go this direction. On the other hand, if they designed a drab building in the first place, maybe they wouldn't think of it :) Or maybe they would consider it in the original design = "not drab building."