July 1, 2010

A Man and His Rooster

Dapitan, Mindanao, Philippines, 2008 

The first post. Sigh. Why should that feel a little nerve-wracking? Is there a niggling fear that this first one sets the tone for posts to follow? No, why should it; I shan't let it!  Let's decide now that on this page you will find a continuous work in progress, a constant reinvention; hey, just like me. Let's just go with the flow and see where that takes us.

So what is this man and his rooster about? Of my 1000s of photos, this is the one that came to mind today. I'm in no way a fan of cockfighting, yet I'm certainly not about to start a furious diatribe. I am in the Philippines and sabong, if not the national sport, is certainly one of the most popular (along with basketball and boxing) and a favored form of gambling.  These roosters, although fated to a tragic end, when raised and groomed for the fight, are pampered as much as any pet poodle.

Today was the first day on the job for the 15th president of the Philippines. The people solidly voted for Noynoy Aquino, son of the popular slain political leader Ninoy Aquino and his widow Cory, the first president after People Power drove out dictator Marcos in 1986.

The color yellow was always the campaign motif for the beloved Cory who died recently, and it was naturally adopted by her son to continue the thread of good feelings.

So this yellow rooster is posted in honor of the new hope of the nation.  I hope P.Noy (the president's new nickname) has a deep well of fight in him, as he will badly need it to deliver on the promise of real change and good governance. The Filipino people are certainly worth the fight. Thumbs up to you, P.Noy!


tapirgal said...

Hey! Great start! I'm happy to see you here. I'll link to your blog on my side bar. Meanwhile, I'll write down the stepts to do the e-mail signup. I have to go out and do one errand ASAP, so I'll do it when I get back. Cooooool!!!!! And by the way, you're right, the first post seems so important on that day, but it disappears in the list and few people dig down that far, although I sometimes do. If you use those "You might also like" images later when you hae a few more posts, it will come up more often. Anyway, nice.

Francisca said...

You are so sweet, Sheryl. Thanks for the support and the technical help... and I will add a big thanks for getting me into this! You were, after all, my inspiration.

Regina said...

Hello Francisca. Glad to meet you.
Beautiful post.
Thank you.

Hilda said...

Your use of "pangit" sure caught my attention and I just had to visit. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when I read your profile and this first post. Looks like we share the same abhorrence for sabong and the same hope for Noynoy.

Francisca said...

Thanks Regina and Hilda! I'm sure we'll meet here in cyberspace more often!

Rita said...

When I find a blog I like a lot I always go back and read the first few post. I like to see how a blog got started and if or how much it might have changed from what the original vision might have been.

I have introduced your blog to my husband and it has certainly got him remembering. Each post has a story that it will bring to mind. He is having a ball educating me on his life in the PI by way of your blog.

Since I have gotten sick he has also become ill. The stress of my situation is causing him to be silent and withdrawn I 'm delighted to sit and lesson to his tales if it takes his mind off my health issues,

Thank you for coming into our lives at this time.