July 9, 2010

Gold and Diamonds for Sale

Old Delhi, 2010

This photo is really just for a chuckle.

As my travel companions and I were wandering the streets after visiting the beautiful Red Fort in Old Delhi a few months ago, we found ourselves on this very busy street. There are many things I could mention here, but after the monstrous wires, what caught my attention was the shop with the neon sign on the right.

Would you spend your money on serious jewellery here?

[NB. If you click on the photo you can see the shop sign better.]


tapirgal said...

This is a fascinating photos and (believe it or not) one of my favorites that you've posted. Why? OK, first, it looks like one of those atmospheric shots from a movie. Not my favorite kind of atmosphere, but I like novel atmospheres anyway. Also, the wires are so overwhelming it makes a statement and/or visually interesting image. Then there's the incongruous diamond shop with neon sign (and if I had money I would spend serious bucks on good jewelry wherever I found it, provided it was something I really wanted and I knew if I was being taken or not; wouldn't be be a curious memory to know you'd gotten it here?). Finally, I have to cope with wires in this town all the time. Do I include them? Not? Emphasize them? This is an over-the-top version of that almost-daily decision! I love it! Are you surprised?

Francisca said...

Of course I'm not surprised, Sheryl! You're my kinda gal! And I like the shot for pretty much the same reasons you do. :-)

Mel Cee said...

Awesome photo. I too love the rat's nest of wires.

Joanne said...

Wonderful shot! On my visit to India and other places I am always finding this problem of the electrical wires.... but this photo has captured the whole spirit of this city, it is an amazing place to visit as is the rest of the country.

JM said...

Old Delhi was my first thought the minute I looked at this pic! :-)