July 16, 2010

Shower of Stones

Makati, 2010

What do my paper designer/maker friends Tes and Tony in Manila have in common with an indie rock band from Guelph, Ontario? Not a whole lot except a creative vision of a shower of stones.

Oh, love can be
Oh, love can be
A shower of stones

You said, "I've never felt this far from home
I've never felt this good before
I watched as the sky was falling"
- Constantine lyrics

That could have been the theme song for the center piece of my friends' exhibit Pumapapel: Art in Paper which opened in the Yuchengco Museum last Tuesday and runs until November 3, 2010. 

I'm sorry pretty Kim is fuzzy, but I like this photo taken from above the shower. The real experience though, is to go lie on your back on that paper carpet, gaze up into the shower of stones and open yourself wide up to a range of new sensations. It will change your relationship with paper forever!

Pumapel showcases paper in a creative range of artistic forms. If you live in the Philippines, go check it out.


tapirgal said...

This is beautiful, intriguing and so different! I loved your description of it. I'm glad you expanded and are putting up favorite pix from various times and trips.

Jacob said...

Very interesting. I know some people who would like to have me stoned...does that count?